Research & strategic advice. And tutoring in basics of economics.

Sabhlok & Associates mainly provides educational and strategic consulting services, including research. 

However, Sanjeev Sabhlok, the Director, also tutors in economics at the high school and first year university level. He has experience as a lecturer in an American university in intermediate economics and in a Saudi Arabian business institute, teaching economics to MBA and Masters of Finance students. 

Objective with regard to tutoring: Sanjeev Sabhlok says: “I spend most of my time on writing and researching economics at a relatively advanced level. My objective to teach economics is to keep basic concepts clear in my head – and to help spread the love of economics among children. I have written a book on economics for children (free of cost) which is highly commended by Vernon Smith, a Nobel Prize winner in economics.” 

CV of Sanjeev Sabhlok